September 2015 Job Openings: Top 10 Companies Hiring Now

You’re probably up to speed with news of the improving economy (both national and worldwide), and the thawing of the job market which results from it. Since finances aren’t so tight anymore, plenty of major companies can finally afford to staff the positions they already needed for quite some time, and even to dare expand a little. As a result, the job market is finally more relaxed and there are plenty of positions and job openings being listed on top search engine sites everywhere. The trend is expecting to continue for at least several months into the future, so it may just be the best time for job changes and hunts for a better position (especially considering the number of companies hiring now).

If you’re looking for a job suitable to your skills and qualifications (or a better job than the one you currently have), this is the best time to apply to one. There’s no need to settle for the first offer you get or the position from the first interview you successfully ‘pass’, since there will be plenty more offers in the near future, besides the ones from the companies hiring now. But even if you’re not planning any radical job changes right now, the offers you could get can work as leverage in renegotiating your current salary and so on, so you’d better keep an eye on job openings in your field. Without further ado, these are the top 10 companies hiring now (September 2015), listed alphabetically.

Companies Hiring Now

Source: EtsVision

1. Ancora Education

This top employer activates in multiple fields (education, health care, and auto service are the main ones). The job descriptions of their openings span across these varied fields: auto service tech instructor, financial aid officer, medical assisting instructor, welding instructor, HVAC instructor, registered nursing instructor are just some of the main job titles. They are one of the top companies hiring now in Oklahoma, Texas, and Arizona (and beyond).

2. Benihana, Inc.

This restaurant and hospitality industry employer is looking for everything from chefs, servers, dishwashers, hosts to restaurant managers, kitchen managers and general managers. If you like restaurants and think you’d be qualified for the job, give them a thorough look and apply! Their job openings are nationwide, and especially in the areas of South Lake, Texas, and Los Angeles.

3. Certified Payment Processing

This major financial services giant is one of the biggest companies hiring now. They are looking for plenty of outside sales representatives on a nationwide level, so feel free to apply for one of their openings regardless of your current location.

4. Crown Castle

This cell tower company is looking to hire financial analysts, portfolio services specialists, RF engineers, wireless technicians and many more professionals. Very often, their current job openings are for senior level employees, so if you’ve got some experience and are ready to take your career to the next level, consider applying.

5. First Group America

One of the major transportation giants in the country, First Group America is one of the top companies hiring now. Their top job openings are for school bus drivers, diesel technicians and location managers, at a nationwide scale.

6. First Fleet

Another giant in the transportation industry, First Fleet is hiring as we speak, as well. They are looking for CDL truck drivers, diesel mechanics, safety coordinators (recruiting staff) and more. The main locations for their job openings are Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Texas, Florida, Arizona, Indiana, Iowa, Virginia, Ohio, Kentucky, Georgia, South Carolina and Tennessee.

7. Global Employment Solutions (Fahrenheit IT)

This giant company activates in more than one niche – IT, food and beverages, staffing, manufacturing and so on. Their job openings reflect their wide range of activity, but they’re especially looking for plant engineers, general managers, production supervisors and maintenance managers, nationwide.

8. Lifetouch

For those of you with a penchant for photography and the industry behind it, the job openings from Lifetouch may be something you want to take a look at. They are looking for several kinds of photographers (candid, portrait, preschool portraits, school portraits), as well as studio managers, production associates, sales representatives and more. Their main locations are Charlotte, Houston, Chico, Baltimore, San Antonio, St Louis, Indianapolis and more. Check them out for what seems to be a pretty cool place to work at!

9. Sunstate Equipment Co.

Do you have experience in constructions or would simply fancy a job there? Sustate is one of the major companies hiring now in the field of constructions. Their main locations are scattered around Arizona, Colorado, California, Tennessee, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Nevada and many other regions. They are looking for mechanics, truck drivers, branch managers and outbound sales experts.

10. TEKSystems Inc.

This major IT company is displaying a lot of job openings all over the top job search engines. There aren’t any main locations to report for these positions which the company is looking to staff, because its presence is so firm nationwide, you probably have at least a couple of openings from TEKSystems near you already. The main positions the company is looking to fill are net developer, network engineer, or share point developer.

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