Employment for Ex Offenders: Companies that Hire Felons

Finding work once you fell on the wrong step of the law, even if it was only one time, can prove to be quite difficult. Though the prison system is meant to rehabilitate the people who carry out light sentences and make them better equipped for being good citizens once they are released from custody, finding a job is almost impossible for ex-felons, thus making their full rehabilitation very difficult. In a way, it’s understandable why the law cannot force all employers to create felony friendly jobs or accept ex-offenders in their ranks if they don’t trust this would be a good idea. But still, the situation has to be solved one way or another, which is why some jobs that hire felons can be found from time to time. Companies that hire felons are also encouraged to do so via a special system of tax benefits.

This is our list of ex offender employment suggestions, if you want to know what places that hire felons can currently be found in a job search. You should also be prepared to get in touch with a community that supports people with a criminal record in their efforts of finding a job, for discussing any issues and finding more tips on how to apply to jobs if you’re an ex-felon. One such dedicated community portal is felonyfriendly.org. For now, back to our list of potential jobs for convicted felons (updated August the 20th).

1. Facility Monitor (Anchorage, AK)

This is a job offered by the Cook County Tribal Council and it requires the successful applicant to work full-time in a position of customer relations and monitoring in a facility that cares for people with substance abuse problems. The job requires the ex-felon to have no felony or substance abuse convictions in the past 5 years, and to be knowledgeable about the Native Alaskan people (which will make up the bulk of the facility’s patients and visitors). A high school diploma or GED is required, as well as a driver’s license for Alaska and at least 6 months of previous experience in working as a receptionist, monitor or assistant for administrative tasks. You can read more and apply here.

2. Industrial Cleaner (Janitor) (in Southfield, Michigan)

Another opportunity of employment for ex offenders is working as a janitor in a facility which doesn’t require or facilitate interaction with clients. It’s easier to finds jobs this way, as an ex-offender, and this industrial cleaner position from Stathakis proves our point. The pay isn’t great, just $10 per hour, but it can be a start. The position is for a part-time job, and the requirements are quite friendly: you just need to be able to list and move 70lbs and not to mind the chemical smell. Read more and apply here.

3. Maintenance Worker in the U.S. Navy (Quantico, VA)

This is a position that requires full-time commitment and the pay is $13.48 per hour. You need to be able to perform maintenance work in two of the following fields: plumbing, carpentry, and painting; for repairing the grounds, straightening the furniture, and refurbishing the exterior of buildings and so on. You need 2 years of previous experience, some physical strength and a driver’s license. You can read more about it and apply here, directly on the government’s website.

4. Rec Assistant in the U.S. Navy (Beaufort, SC)

Another Navy position which is felony friendly. It seems that the U.S. government needs to set an example of what it means to be a non-discriminatory employer, in order to encourage other companies to follow their lead. This position is a full-time job, paying $12.07 per hour. The successful applicant will work as an assistant in the Information, Tours and Travel Office, by selling tickets and assisting the visitors and patrons in obtaining the leisure travel they are looking for. They will also maintain and follow up on all the details related to the selected tour, ensuring customer relations in this respect as well. You need one year of experience as a general travel services worker, and it would be preferable if you also had some working knowledge of airplane reservation systems. You can read more and apply here.

5. CSA Front End (Store Cashier) (Franklyn, WI)

Lowe is an equal opportunity employer and thus offers felony friendly jobs as often as a new opening comes up, with some restrictions. In this case, applicants are accepted if they weren’t convicted of any theft-related felonies. For this full-time position, the successful applicant will need to handle customer inquiries, sales and returns, as well as to process payments and to bag the customers’ bought goods. The schedule may sometimes vary and could require availability in the afternoon or evening some days of the week. Read more and apply here if you think the position would be suitable for you.

Finding jobs that hire felons may seem difficult most of the time, but all the successfully employed ex-offenders have felt that way too until they managed to find something suitable. Keep looking for jobs, check back in with us from time to time and also contact a community organization specializing in guiding people with a troubled past find work.

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