Best Careers 2015: High Paying Jobs of the Year

Even if our careers are pretty much already settled on the path we’ve chosen at some point during our coming of age (not that it’s ever too late to change course if you set your mind to it), it’s always great to take a peek at the hotjobs of the moment, for varied reasons. On one hand, taking a look inside the details of the best paying jobs helps you to understand the demands of the economy and of the market better; on another hand it may help you predict whether your specialization (or potential specialization) could become very useful in the near future or not, and last, but not least, it also satisfies us the guilty pleasure of simply peeking into the professional lives of those who earn better than we currently do.

High Paying JobsWhatever your interests are and the career background you have, here is our list of the top high paying jobs of 2015. We should also note that other secondary factors have been taken into account when creating this top (such as the work environment, the job growth potential), so if a particular job in the list seems tempting, feel free to try to pursue it. Most importantly, the demand of these jobs was taken into account as well (because even though astronaut is a highly paid job and also the career choice of about half of all twelve year-olds, it wouldn’t be of much use in this top. Also, do note that even if the data presented in this top is accurate for 2015 job market predictions, the overall figures of yearly salaries for these professions are most likely calculated by last year’s salary statistics (2014). Without further ado, here we go:

1. Physician

Some things never change, and among them is the fact that doctors will always be one of the best-paid professionals in the country and the world. The average base salary you can expect as a physician is one of $212,000 per year, and there are 8,000 expected job openings in 2015. As the standards of living and health care rise, the need for more dedicated physicians is also rising to match them. However, if you’re looking mainly at the salary stats, take into account the fact that earnings can vary greatly inside the niche according to the medical specialization followed, on the size of the city, on whether you are working in a hospital or a private practice and so on.

pharmacist2. Pharmacist

On the same note of health care becoming an increasingly important destination for spending, pharmacists also boast being one of the trending hot jobs in 2015. The average base salary one could expect for this position is of $131,000 per year, with about 1,800 new positions projected to appear by the beginning of 2016. If you have some experience as a pharmacist and are willing to take some extra courses in management, go for it!

3. Software Architect

One of the best careers 2015 has in store for the IT niche is that of a software architect. For all those ambitious and driven individuals with strong computer skills and a creative mind (doubled by a mathematical thinking), this is a highly rewarding career path to pursue. The average base salary per year is $131,000 and there are 3,200 new jobs expected to be created by the end of the year. As all industries and business branches expand, the need for dedicated software architects will also expand accordingly.

4. Software Development Manager

Another one of the high paying jobs in the IT niche which also have a strong creative component, a software development manager isn’t only someone who earns about $124,000 per year to start with, but is also a professional who oversees and directs an entire team of people dedicated to creating useful and fun software products. Considering that the job outlook for this position also looks encouraging – with 2,200 openings expected in 2015 – we deemed it desirable enough to earn a spot in the top hotjobs of 2015.

5. Finance Manager

No matter how well or not-so-well the economy is going, it’s always a hard fact that the people in charge of assessing and influencing it are always more or less safe from significant lifestyle downfalls. There will always be a good living to be made in finances, and the position of a finance manager is projected to come with a $124,000 base salary and a number of 9,200 new job openings.

6. Solutions Architect

If you ask corporate managers anywhere what category of employees they are most grateful to have, chances are that the answers you receive would contain the solutions architect phrase as well. These professionals are part of the development team and are literally tasked with designing (and building) solutions to various problems, logistical and otherwise. The base average salary for a solutions architect is expected to be around $122,000 per year in 2015, while the number of new positions is expected to be at least 3,500.

7. Lawyer

TV shows about doctors and lawyers never seem to go out of fashion, and that’s because our fascination with an ever in demand profession which requires a lot of education and wits is just as evergreen as the popularity of the shows. New lawyers will continue to be in demand both in good economic times and bad, with about 5,500 job openings to be expected in 2015. Considering that the starting salary is, on average, one of $120,000 per year, the competition on these jobs will be correspondingly high.

8. Analytics Manager

The average base salary for an analytics manager is expected to be $116,000 per year in 2015, and something tells us this is just the beginning. As the online environment becomes a crucial territory to fight over in economic competition, understanding trends and how to best promote your interests in virtual space will become more and more of an asset. Only 1,400 new jobs as an analytics manager are expected to be created in 2015, but trust us when we say that becoming an expert in this field is more or less a sure-fire way of insuring your career. The upcoming years will push this type of positon more and more in the top of the high paying jobs in the country and beyond.

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