How to Find a Holiday Job This Winter

Are you interested in finding a holiday job in this upcoming winter season, but you’re worried you might already be too late? Don’t worry, you still have some time to browse through seasonal jobs and also there is still time to apply to a few which seem the most convenient for you. If you’re interested in making a little quick money, then a holiday job is ideal for that. If you’re looking for something more permanent, this could also be your entry ticket; since many employers usually transition these type of seasonal contracts into full-time regular positions after the holiday season passes.

Here are a few FAQs people have on finding seasonal jobs for the holidays, and our answers to them.

1. Do Seasonal Jobs Offer Variety?

Holiday Job

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We understand why this may be one of the first concerns for people looking for a holiday job. Some people are looking for short term employment for the extra money, but not every one of those people want to dress up as Santa. Some people looking for seasonal jobs are interested in applying various skills they already have, from cleaning to security or IT skills. The good news is that yes, holiday jobs can offer plenty of variation to suit every skills.

2. How Long Does a Holiday Job Last?

Usually, a holiday job can last around 3-4 weeks on average, but longer jobs (up to two months) have been known to be available for a few positions. There is also the scenario in which the companies looking for seasonal employees to cover up the extra work flow decide to extend the offer and make it permanent.

3. Can I Hope for any Flexibility in a Holiday Job?

Yes. Since many businesses are dealing with an overflow of customers and work during the busy holiday times, they will probably break down the extra work they need done into shifts. Most employers are willing to work something out with their employees then, allowing them to choose the shift and the hours that suit their other responsibilities best. The company culture is still a factor you should consider before applying to a holiday job, and then the best time to communicate your needs is during the job interview. As long as you do seem eager to get the position, things could probably be worked out in everyone’s best interests.

4. How Do I Find Seasonal Jobs Near Me that are Hiring?

It’s easy to find available jobs in a particular area if you browse through the results of major job search sites, filtering the results by location. Here are some examples of such search results narrowed down by some of the most popular search locations, using a different job search hub for each, so you can better understand how this works:

After you write down your location (in the search bar usually placed at the top of the page for all these hubs), and maybe apply some other filters as well, based on the type of job you want, you can start browsing through and applying to the ones you’d like best.

You could also try a more direct approach by simply walking in to nearby stores and businesses and simply asking if they need any seasonal workers (this can land you a holiday job especially if you’re good at guarding, or cleaning or being a holiday character). A good place to start this direct fishing for temporary work is by looking to nearby stores, restaurants and into delivery gigs (UPS holiday jobs, for example). For more skilled seasonal jobs, you will probably have to apply for them in the more formal way, through an agency or directly online, the way detailed above.

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