How to Increase Your Job Security as a Freelancer

Deciding to work as a freelancer can help increase your job security from the beginning, as it forces you to have a different perspective on your career. When you work as a free agent, you have to plan ahead and prioritize certain aspects of your professional and personal life. Freelance work also encourages you to acquire and develop marketable skills.


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One of the most important reasons motivating job seekers to turn to freelance work is the independence that comes with this type of career path. When you become a freelancer, you have more control over your own workload, schedule, and projects. It also encourages you to stay organized and plan ahead in terms of revenue, available work time, and personal development.

Job Security as a Freelance Worker

With the rising unemployment rates today, fewer Americans feel that long term employment in the same position is a viable option. Job and career changes can often occur whether we would prefer it or not because of the current economic structure. It is unsurprising that recent studies have shown up to 50 percent of Americans are unprepared for unexpected financial needs such as medical emergencies or unemployment.

Because of the high number of financially vulnerable Americans, it is no wonder that fewer employees are satisfied with their current employment. In fact, many job seekers are hesitant of applying for some positions due to the lack of job security in a rapidly changing job market. Choosing to work as a free agent can offer you more employment options and a more versatile work schedule. This, in turn, will help improve your security and maintain you prepared for any unexpected changes in the job market.

Remaining Mobile and Organized

Working as a freelancer encourages you to plan ahead and create a financial and professional safety net for yourself. Not only does freelance work offer you more mobility and versatility, it can help you develop useful skills and be prepared for the constantly changing job requirements.

You will be forced to protect yourself against job loss from the very beginning. This means that you will always have an alternative plan or solution. Working as a freelance agent forces you to take such precautions. You will have to create an emergency fund for slower months in order to preempt significant financial distress. It will also help keep you organized, as you will have to plan your schedule depending on your projects, capabilities, and personal obligations.

Monitoring Industry and Personal Formation

When you work as a freelancer, your participation in each project forces you to maintain constant contact with other companies and individuals in the same industry. This keeps you updated on the changes and developments in your industry at all times. Staying connected with the important news in your field means that you will always know if there are any regulation changes, technological advancements, or new career opportunities.

As a company worker, your employer is likely to provide you with training courses and workshops in order to help you become more proficient at your job. When you are a free agent, however, you have to make individual efforts to perfect your skills. Improving your existing skills and developing new and relevant attributes will help you maintain your competitive edge. As a freelance worker, it is vital to have relevant and current skills in your field of activity.

You can improve your abilities and your performance levels with ease as a freelance worker. How much you decide to invest in your own professional development and which new skills are worth mastering is up to you when you are doing freelance work. It is essential that you stay in touch with advances in your industry and keep your own skills up to speed with the new requirements that might appear because of these advances. This will guarantee your security as you compete with other candidates for projects and job opportunities.

Balancing Your Personal and Professional Life

Job Security

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One of the obvious advantages of deciding to become a free agent is getting to organize your own schedule. You get to decide how many hours of work you need to do each day in order to get the work done. This will teach you to keep yourself organized and help you plan your day according to your needs. It will also give you an insight into how much work you can take on over a certain amount of time.

Having a successful freelance career requires a constructive balance between your personal and professional life. Letting your work overwhelm your personal life is not productive, as you need time to relax and recover. Finding the perfect work-to-free-time ratio will take some practice in the beginning, but a flexible schedule will help you stay on track at the end of the day. Completing a project only depends on your hard work when you are a freelance worker. How much job security you have will also depend on your individual efforts.

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