Top 10 Companies with Job Openings on 7/23/15

As you’ve probably seen in our list of the higher paying jobs for 2015, the economy is finally starting to improve a bit. But, the search for work and ensuing competition is still pretty rough. Whenever job openings come up, hundreds of candidates jump them, eager to finish the race first. Beat them to it by being aware of new openings as soon as possible, and applying with no delay if you think one of them would suit your skills. To help you out, we’ve put together a list of top 10 companies which are hiring right now (post 22nd of July 2015). Check out these openings and waste no time if you see something you’d like.

1. Marcus Evans Events

Job Openings

Check out our top 10 list of companies hiring now to kick start the perfect career!

If being part of a dynamic even planning giant, with a job which is maybe stressful, but surely fun, appeals to you, then you should check out the new job openings from Evans Events. Their top locations are Miami, New York, Chicago and San Diego, where the dynamic lifestyles are surely in need of a good event planning company such as Evans Events (hence it being one of the top companies hiring now). The job titles include Account management, event producer, business to business inside sales and more.

2. CVS Health

After its recent efforts to rebrand and reorganize itself, CVS Health is now sustaining its intended growth through over 7,800 new openings. Just go take a look over at and you’ll be sure to find something suitable, if being a part of this pharma giant is something you think you’d want.

The company’s openings include denominators such as Clerk, Customer Service Representative, Medical Customer Service Representative, Warehouse Delivery Technician, Warehouse Tester Senior Analyst and many more. The locations for the jobs are also too numerous to list, so it would be easier to just filter the jobs yourself by your location(s).

3. Thrivent Financial

Fancy a job in finance? Thrivent Financial is one of the companies with an opening, so browse their openings and apply while their offers still stand. At the present time, the company is looking for: Financial advisors, Underwriters, Data analysts, Brokerage team leads and more. The top locations for their openings are Minneapolis, Appleton, Wis., Omaha, Neb., but search through their website directly to find jobs nearer to you, if you’d like.

4. Zeiss

The legendary optics giant is having a large number of job openings as well around this time. Most of their jobs are concentrated around Minnesota and New York, but don’t let that put you off if you are located far from any of those: just search their website since there are many other locations listed for their jobs in addition to the main ones. Some of the job names in their openings are centered around sophisticated sales skills, such as: regional software sales specialist, strategic purchasing senior buyer, product sales manager etc.

5. Aerotek Professional Services

This large and reputed tech giant is one of the top companies hiring now, with over 7,300 new listings on The jobs have names such as ‘Compliance Officer’, ’Production Tech’, ‘Electricians’, ‘Customer Relations’ and so on, and their range of skills vary from low (for the company’s numerous call centers for clients) to highly advanced (for several branches of engineering or research). As for the locations, these are again very varied, so it’s better to just filter the jobs you search for by your location or nearby locations you’d be willing to commute to (or move to).

6. CyberCoders

The famous tech and IT company is hiring now! Check out the company’s LinkedIn profile to find out more about the hundreds of jobs they currently offer: field service technician, loan processor, .NET developer, Java developer, android engineer, data center engineer, IT manager, Design Manager, Mortgage Underwriter, job openings in their logistics and sales divisions and much more. The main locations of their activities are New York, San Diego, Springfield IL, San Francisco, Chicago and dozens of other, sometimes smaller, cities.

7. Jordan Health Services

Jordan Health Services are hiring hundreds of certified nurses of various specialties, attendants, field supervisors, billing specialists and more. One of the top companies hiring now in the home medical services niche, this is surely not something to miss out on if you qualify. The health insurance deals will probably be very advantageous inside the company! Anyway, the main locations for their openings are Arkansas, Texas, Oklahoma and Louisiana, but don’t let that stop you if you’re located somewhere else. Just search through the database on their website and find a job closer to home; they have hundreds of openings so you’ll surely find something.

8. ATT

This telecommunications corporation is hiring, so be on alert if you’d fancy having a job inside it. The main field for their current job openings is sales, the jobs range from management positions to entry-level positions and they span across numerous locations throughout the state. They also have quite a few non-sales jobs available, so search further if you’re not interested in anything connected to sales. Apply on or directly on the AT&T website if you’re interested.

9. Amcor Rigid Plastics

Another great employment source for manufacturing jobs, Amcor Rigid Plastics is also among the companies hiring now. This is how some of the job titles they’re offering sound like: safety manager, project engineer, senior project engineer, project manager, plant manager, maintenance mechanic, manager of material science etc. Their openings are more or less nationwide, so feel free to search their database (on or any other major job site, or simply directly on their website) to find a job close to you.

10. Mainscape Inc

Mainscape Inc. is a leading landscaping company with hundreds of job openings in tens of locations nationwide. Some of the biggest concentrations of listings for this company are in the following cities and areas: Arkansas, Texas, Missouri, Indiana, Florida, North & South Carolina, as well as Georgia and more. The company is mainly looking for irrigation technicians, crew leaders, agronomy managers, landscaping architects, operations managers, branch managers and more. Apply as soon as possible to increase your chances of being called.

The list of companies hiring now could go on, but for lack of space we will limit our top to only these 10 positions. You can find more info on any of the job sites mentioned throughout the article, and the good news is that this abundance of openings is a good signifier of the improving economy.

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