LinkedIn Profile Tips: Why You Need a LinkedIn Profile Photo

You already know that being properly connected is an essential requirement of today’s professional market. Your online presence says a lot more about yourself to potential employers, peers and associates than your CV or interview are often able to convey. But while some hubs, like socializing networks, are more like a hazard you should manage carefully in order to not give recruiters the wrong kind of glimpses into your personal life, other online networks can be turned into quite an asset. Such is the case of your LinkedIn Profile, which once you learn how to properly build and use, can open up quite a number of doors for your professional life. One of the most overlooked perks of your profile is the LinkedIn Profile Photo, which sadly many applicants choose to skip, thinking it’s not really essential.

LinkedIn Profile Photo

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The truth lies in precisely the opposite direction: your LinkedIn profile photo is actually essential to getting ahead in your professional life and for making potential employers and associates take note of your online presence. Even if you may dismiss the photo as not that important, since your actual skills and abilities should be the only things that matter when building a good LinkedIn Profile, expert recruiters attest that actually, the best LinkedIn profiles always come with a photo. In the absence of one, many recruiters are even very likely to ignore some otherwise worthy LinkedIn Connections altogether.

LinkedIn Profile Tips: Why and How to Use the LinkedIn Photo

This is why a LinkedIn profile picture is important:

  • It contributed to a feeling of comfort and trust if the person reviewing your profile can also see a picture of you, in order to able to put a face on those achievement listed there. The presence of a LinkedIn Profile Photo makes you seem more real.
  • Furthermore, experts indicate that being able to see a person’s face, even in a photo, contributes to establishing a faster connection of empathy with that person. On a psychological level, seeing someone as being just as human as we are, being able to see their face, helps us to view them as less of an abstract concept (just a CV uploaded on a website) and more like an actual person.
  • Once the connection is established, either through your mutual viewing of the LinkedIn profile or even by some real-life networking, people are less likely to forget your face than they are to forget your name or job title. Fast forward to the near future, and you can probably see that it will be much easier to get in touch about a job opportunity if the people you address feel like they already sort know you, or that at least they’ve seen you around in the same professional circles or niche.
  • If you need even more of a push to realize how important your LinkedIn Profile Photo is, let’s take a look at data published just last year by the LinkedIn staff themselves. According to the statistics they released, a profile which is accompanied by a picture is eleven times more likely to be viewed than a similar profile which lacks one. If that doesn’t convince you, nothing will.

As you can see, including a picture to your profile is actually one of the best LinkedIn profile tips you could possibly get. But before you rush to upload the same social media photo you use on all your online profiles, stop and reconsider it for a moment. Not all photos are suitable to be used as a LinkedIn profile picture, and the restrictions applying here obviously a bit tighter than in other parts of the internet. You need a photo that manages to convey the image you would like potential employers to have of you, as a competent and professional person striving to give it their best.

So think it through carefully, and if you don’t already have a suitable photo, then take a new one especially for giving your profile a better chance. Among all the LinkedIn tips you will encounter from the multitude of experts and counsellors, this is the advice that can really make all the difference. Make sure you appear in that photo exactly the way you would present yourself to an interview: professionally clothed but not too uptight, friendly but competent and so on. After deciding on your ideal LinkedIn Profile Photo, just upload it to your profile and watch how many more connection requests start coming your way.

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