Find out How the Career Exploration Website Will Help You Find the Perfect Career

The United States economy is on the mend. Statistics show that the country’s unemployment rate recently dropped to a record low 5.8%. In addition to this positive news, different companies offer more than 214.000 new jobs this October. Now is the perfect time for job seekers to apply for the careers they qualify for. So, what is the problem here, you ask. Unfortunately, only so many of these quality jobs openings are available and the seekers outnumber the openings. ONetOnline is a great platform that was specifically created with the general public in mind. It offers access to an extensive database of jobs, tasks, skills, tools/technologies, work values, occupational information, and abilities that will enable job-seekers to find a relevant career to pursue. Today, we plan to find out how the Career Exploration Website will help you find the perfect career. differs from any other online career service on the market at present. Most platforms allow users to search for jobs according to certain keywords related to the desired career. But, ONetOnline takes this concept of job searching to a whole new level. You search for jobs according to different criteria such as skills, interests, job families, sectors, technology etc. The creators of ONetOnline designed the software’s search function in a much more sophisticated manner. For example, if you possess exceptional people skills, you may view careers that particularly take advantage of this skill set.

For example, browse the Advanced Search -> Abilities tab. Once there, you will find a plethora of vital career skills. By clicking on one of them, you will gain access to a list of potential employers interested in this skill (formatted around a scale of 1 –not interested- to 100very interested-). The list also includes a criteria that highlights the level of expertise required for each skill. This format will help you maximize your chances of getting hired by the perfect match. However, the search options don’t stop here.

the Career Exploration Website Will Help You Find the Perfect CareerLet’s say you are interested in a career in accounting. You can use the advanced search tab to find summary reports for your desired career. Each summary report contains information such as: tasks, tools/technology, skills, work context, job zone, work styles, related occupations, credentials, additional information, etc. In short, you will hold all the information you need about a certain career before you even apply for it. This way, you can better prepare for future applications processes.

If you look at the credentials section, you will see that each job summary presents three different options: find training, find certifications and find licenses. With one simple search, you will find everything you need to know in order to land a specific job. will help you find training programs & licenses in your state. The program will also help you find the specific certifications that you may require. Career exploration has never been more effective.

Go back to your summary report, and scroll all the way to the Wages & Employment trends. The career exploration website will give you information regarding average hourly payment, total number of employees in a certain industry, and even the projected job openings for the future. Take time to read all of the information on the summary report. When you feel that you are ready, you can start searching for jobs from the “Job Openings on the Web” section. This page allows you to access a specialized search engine that displays relevant careers in the area.

After playing around with the program, we discovered that each of their search criteria can help individuals find their perfect match for a career. From the “Find Occupations” section, you can browse through jobs with “Bright Outlook” meaning that these jobs have a projected growth for the future. Or, you can look through “Career Clusters.” Other search options include ‘by Industry’, ‘Job Family’, ‘Job Zone’ or ‘STEM Discipline’. The Advanced Search Tab is recommended for job seekers who have not yet decided what exactly they want to do. This type of search takes into account interests, knowledge, skills, work activities, context and value in order to provide a career that best suits one’s personality. Finally, the Crosswalks section search presents users with the following options: Apprenticeship, DOT, Education, Military, and Occupation Handbook.

ONetOnline is undoubtedly one of the most comprehensive databases available online. It represents a unique approach for job hunting that will make it easier for individuals to find careers which highlight their skills and potential. Job seekers use this service to explore employment opportunities based on their experience and skills. They also use the service to find the perfect career and learn about new growth opportunities within a specified field. But they are not the only ones to use Human Resources professionals also use ONet to develop effective job descriptions, define employee success factors, align organizational development, and refine recruitment/training goals.

So, there you have it. We’ve provided you with a comprehensive view of the ONetOnline service. This powerful tool should be able to effectively help you find the perfect career for your future. If you are still unsure about what career path you wish to choose, you should definitely check out the service. We feel this service will help guide your way to the perfect job.

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