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Work from Home with the Best Telecommuting Jobs

Working from home is a dream for a lot of people, especially if they are confined to their homes because of various health or family circumstances, or if the cost of commuting (either in terms of money or time) is simply too high for them. Moreover, telecommuting jobs are a very good idea for employers as well. More and more companies are switching to this type of work arrangement even if they have actual offices somewhere as well. The costs of business is greatly reduced even if only a few of the employees work from home. Integrating remote work solutions (and an infrastructure which enables people to telecommute) is (or at least should be) part of the agenda of any modern venture. Expert reports indicate that indeed, the trend for telecommuting work is here to stay.

Therefore, not only we completely understand why you may be searching for a job like that yourself, but we also think your chances to find one are pretty high. The only problem is, for most of you who already searched for a telecommuting workplace, is that it can be hard to find legit work from home jobs. The internet is full of dubious job announcements and promises that you can easily make at least X dollars a month (insert tempting amount here) from home, as long as you have the patience to read a ton of instructions, or watch a motivational video, all pointing out to the need to buy a particular book and so on. This is what you need to know about managing to find a proper telecommuting job.

How to Protect Yourself against Fraud

First of all, since you’ve decided that you want to do this, make sure you only start collaborations with legit work from home jobs. Otherwise, it will not only be a waste of time, since you probably won’t get paid in the end, but you may end up spending out of your own pocket as well (for the book or brochure you will be asked to buy first, in order to ‘learn’ how to do the so-called job). Another dubious situation in which you risk getting into is performing an illegal job: even if you will get paid for the service you do, you might be doing something illegal without even knowing it. There are documented cases of crime organizations who laundered money or got away from incriminating evidence through innocent people who thought they would just work from home stuffing envelopes.

Before such an issue comes back around to you and causes trouble, or before you end up losing money and time on fake promises, you should learn to recognise trustworthy opportunities and only give those the time of day. Here are a few tips to do just that:

  • Find work through a website which acts as an intermediary between you and the potential employers. Hubs such as Elance, Upwork or FlexJobs are good examples, and the list can go on. Basically, you agree to find work through the website, who will also monitor and mediate the work being done, making sure neither you nor the employer in need of freelance work get cheated out of what you both expect and have agreed upon. You have to give the website a small fee out of your earnings, but it’s all worth it for the extra security you get in return.
  • Find work directly from the employers who are offering telecommuting jobs, on the condition that you only trust highly reputable, established companies enough to keep their word. If a major company is offering telecommute opportunities, you have no reason not to trust that they are indeed offering legit work from home jobs. A good example is Teletech, and we’ll discuss it in full down below.
  • Transition your regular office job to a work from home one, if you think your standing with your managers is high enough to allow you to negotiate that (and the work can indeed be done from home). This last path only works, usually, if you have already been with your current employer for a while (since the job wasn’t initially designed as a telecommute position).

The Best Telecommuting Jobs and Where to Find Them

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While we can’t cover the entire array of options and you still need to search by yourself (through the paths suggested above), here are the best opportunities of telecommuting jobs currently on our radar.

1. Teletech home jobs

TeleTech home is an on online hub from TeleTech which specializes in offering reliable and legit work from home jobs for anyone with the necessary skills. As long as you reside in the U.S and fulfil the necessary conditions to get hired (meaning that you can perform the job properly), the TeleTech home infrastructure allows you to do it in your own time, on a flexible schedule and from the comforts of your own home. Start browsing and applying here.

2. Convergys telecommuting jobs

Convergys is a giant company in the niche of customer management, and since handling client’s accounts or communicating with them efficiently are both things which can be done from home, this also makes the company a great place to get hired in a telecommute regime. Find out more about their opportunities here.

3. Kaplan home jobs

The Kaplan company activates in the education business (perhaps Kaplan University may also ring a bell), and they are known for offering multiple work from home opportunities for their employees. If you have some skills as a tutor or educator and you’d like to work from home offering online lessons and such, then feel free to browse the company’s offers here.

4. Amazon home jobs

Would you like to work from home stuffing envelopes or doing client service via email and phone? Then the telecommuting jobs offered by Amazon may just be the thing for you. Even though home jobs aren’t the primary way in which the company conducts its business, this major employer has been known to offer this type of agreements in many cases. Browse Amazon’s telecommuting positions here.

5. Tigerfish transcription jobs

If you’d like to work from home as a transcriptionist, then you should look at a hub such as Tigerfish. For your skills as a quick typist to be rewarded with a legit job from home, check out how to get in touch with them and get hired here. If you’d like to explore other options besides this company (hub), then feel free to browse this comprehensive list of companies who offer legit work from home jobs as a transcriptionist here.

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